KALCHURI LNCT GROUP OF INCUBATION CENTER (KLIC) is promoted by LNCT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS & UNIVERSITIES to support Atmanirbhar Bharat, which is acting as a catalyst to Central India startup and entrepreneur ecosystem, primary objective of KLIC is to create a startup ecosystem and familiarize the visionary brains with the business aspects of an idea and provide them a platform with necessary resources, culture, opportunities, and amenities to grow their startup units into business enterprises. KLIC is Technology Business Incubation Center, which is connected with Industry Academia and
Entrepreneurship is a process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, designated as a startup company, offering a product, process or service for selling or hiring.
A random idea might lose its track if it is not nurtured regularly in the right way. For a large number of people venturing into the culture of entrepreneurship nowadays, it is very important to educate and support them towards the proper growth of their ideas.
At KALCHURI LNCT GROUP OF INCUBATION CENTER (KLIC), we have taken the charge of providing essential services such as fund support, management, mentorship, co-working space, and state-of-the-art technical assistance to the budding business units. By playing the role of both startup incubator and accelerator, we aim at training and mentoring young people to fuel their inner drive to innovate. KLIC acts as the Hub to its spoke centers located at LNCT BHOPAL, so that with our expertise in various domains of education, subject matter experts along with world class laboratory facility, will support budding entrepreneurs of the region to establish their ventures. 

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KLIC spoke centers, to support startups and entrepreneurs by promoting the idea of Atmanirbhar Bharat are located at the following locations:

Kalchuri LNCT Group Incubation Centre( KLIC) is innovatively designed and operated by LNCT Group, the most trusted and promising group for professional education in Central India. With our core focus area of incubation and startup support such as, Medical, Ayurveda, Dental Care, Hospitality, Renewable Technology, Architecture, Agriculture, SAAS, Software Technology, Bio-Technology, Engineering Technology and Sector Agnostic with multi-disciplinary approach.
KLIC aims to help every budding Entrepreneur and startup to connect with the people, places, and events around them. The current times being the era of networking, the entrepreneurs with a strong network base are more likely to be successful. With its more than 20,000 Alumni base, LNCT group is backing the KLIC for global networking which will end up providing global exposure, mentorship and support to the startups. The state of the art infrastructure of KLIC will provide support to you, as you further develop your company/startup. The most promising Incubation Center by the most promising Education Group of central India, also we are focused towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by ours incubation centers

The Backbone

KLIC is backed by LNCT Group which is the most promising education group of central India. LNCT Group is known for its discipline, quality education and placements in top notch companies leading to provide the best exposure and experiences to its students. Like all the other successful ventures of this group, KLIC is also the visionary step to provide the budding startups a platform where they can avail the best exposure and facilities to grow and create milestones.